From the RCC HPR in Bermuda, to Yacht owners hoping to be in Bermuda during the America’s Cup period:

With effect at March 1, 2014, Bermuda entry visas and visa waivers are no longer required for tourist or business visitors to Bermuda. To be landed in Bermuda as a Visa Controlled National, the following requirements must be met:
1. All travelers who require a multi re-entry visa (MRV) for the UK, US or Canada must present this visa-type upon arrival in Bermuda;
2. The MRV for the UK, US or Canada must be valid for 45 days after the expiration of a visitor’s intended stay;
3. All travelers must possess a passport that is valid for 45 days past the expiration of their intended stay in Bermuda;
4. Travelers arriving by air intending to join a private vessel must possess a document from the captain/owner of the vessel indicating that the traveler will be joining the vessel; and
5. All visitors must demonstrate that they possess arranged accommodation for the duration of their stay in Bermuda (if they are joining a vessel, the letter of introduction from the owner/captain will be sufficient).
Persons whose MRV and passport validity is less than 45 days will not be landed.

Exception to the Multi Entry Visa Requirement:
Visa Controlled Nationals who can demonstrate that they have the right to reside in the USA (Permanent Resident Card ‘Green Card’); Canada (Permanent Resident); or the UK (no limit on stay in the UK) together with a valid passport do not require a Bermuda Entry Visa.

If you have any further Immigration questions in relation to visitors to the island please do not hesitate to ask.


Steven H. Lambert
Assistant Chief Immigration Officer
Government of Bermuda, Ministry of Home Affairs

CAUTION: The information above is selective and reflects conditions at the time of visiting. It is not definitive and may be changed or revised without notice. To the extent permitted by law, the RCC Pilotage Foundation and contributors do not accept any liability for any loss and/or damage howsoever caused that may arise from reliance on information in this Cruising Note and any attached files. The RCC Pilotage Foundation would welcome additional information or corrections to the information in this note. Please click here if you want to provide feedback on this or any other notice.