Advisory Note from the RCC HFR Grahame Rendell:ADVISORY NOTICE:
I have yet to verify my concerns at a possible run on supplies in Bermuda - but it would be advisable to overstock your food supplies before heading for Bermuda. The normal population of circa 62,000 (small town size) will increase by 300% during the America's Cup/Tall Ships. Whereas wholesalers and container shipping are planning appropriately, the confluence of 19 Tall Ships with ravenous crews/trainees; the influx of AC-17 visitors; J-Class; Antigua inaugural and visiting yachts will put a strain on our supply lines.

i.e. if continuing a sea passage after a brief stay in Bermuda, you might wish to have enough core supplies to reach your next destination and only supplement these in Bermuda. Fuel and Water should not be a problem. If new to Bermuda, be aware that food is 30% more expensive [import excise tax, instead of income tax!] Availability is less than 1st -world but better than 3rd -world – there are some UK brands (Waitrose) for nostalgia eaters J.

Normal import restrictions on alcohol/tobacco (duty free) – I’m not sure about ‘Bonding’ duty-able stores for release on departure. Firearms will be removed and bonded.

Courier services in Bermuda are 1st-world and are excellent. I have a list of vendors and repair services should you need anything resulting from your passages to Bermuda.

Grahame Rendell
RCC – HFR Bermuda

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