Isafjödur, Iceland

Fish farms have been established in the approaches to Isafjödur and although they appear to be clear of the leading line, they were unlit and might provide a hazard for a yacht tacking in the gloom.


Not shown on older charts are one red and four green buoys established at the southern end of the 'peninsula' which guide cruise ships to their berth. These are easily followed. After turning to starboard after the last of the greens, it is safe to follow the line of harbour walls close to.


Locate the (fishing boat) chandlery. If alongside the visitor pontoon, walk up the gangway, turn left, and then right, and the chandlery will be on your right.
The chandler (good English) will direct you to the fuel pump. You will have to leave your berth and retrace your steps around the peninsula towards the harbour entrance. You will see the fuel pump on your port side, more or less abeam your original berth. Allow 20 minutes for this journey. The chandler will be waiting with the key. Make payment when you are back in your berth.


Although the runway appears to run perilously close to the mountainside, there are regular flights from here back to Reykjaivc (not Keflavic).

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