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80 Eskifjörður 65°04’N 14°01’W
Tide 0·5, 1·3 Charts 73, 715, 716
Eskifjörður leads N from the outer part of Reyðarfjörður, which is a beautiful fjord surrounded by snow-capped ridges and is the largest fjord on the east coast. Very strong winds katabatic winds can blow down from the mountains and NP11 recommends that ships drop a hauling-off anchor before going alongside.
The islet of Skrúður on the S side of the entrance to the fjord is an excellent landmark, but if approaching from the SE should be given a berth of at least 2M. Snæfugl (757m) is the left-hand of two prominent peaks seen to the N of Reyðarfjörður, when approaching from the SE.
Eskifjörður is a comparatively large harbour with 710m of quay wall, most of which is protected with rubber tyres. The most likely berth for a yacht is in one of the two basins at the NW end of the harbour. Smaller yachts may find space on a pontoon berth in the small boat harbour to the north of the long quay at the southern end of the harbour which is used by large fishing vessels and ships.
Water and fuel by arrangement with the harbour master. Eskifjörður has a good supermarket. The heated outdoor swimming pool has fine views of the mountains, a sauna and showers . It can be found at the NW end of town.

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