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84 Breiðdalsvík 64°47’N 14°00’W
Charts 73
This is a delightful harbour, in a broad valley which is well protected and easy to approach. Seas entering the bay are broken up by the Rifsker reef on the N side and the skerries and islets around Hafnarey on the S side. The harbour itself is tucked in behind the Selnes peninsula.
The easiest approach is directly from seaward, a mile S of the dangerous Lárungar reef. Enter the bay on a bearing of 306°, aiming at the Selnes light (Fl.WRG.8s). It is also possible in good visibility and reasonable conditions to follow the inshore route from just off Kambanes shown in the Leiðsögubók pilot book. Iðusker islets and the beacon on the end of the Rifsker are conspicuous.
There is 260m of quay wall with tyre fenders and a small pontoon the inside of which is largely occupied by local boats. Berth as directed by the Harbour Master or as convenient.
Some local charts show an anchorage NW of Hafnarey, which could be worth investigating under suitable conditions. NP11 refers to good anchorages off the entrance to the harbour on the leading transit (009º), 11m - 15m sand, which would be open to E wind and swell and also in the centre of the cove immediately to the E of Selnes in 12m sand. The sides of this cove are foul.
Pleasant village, with shop, small restaurant and bar. Small swimming pool with showers, ‘hot pot’, etc. Good walking country.

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