Port Davey Tasmania

Port Davey is a well worth while destination as it has many very sheltered anchorages in what is a very windy part of the world. You will be over 70 miles from the nearest 4 wheel drive track, something that is unique in the whole of Australia. There are excellent walks and hills to climb. A dinghy ride up the river will take you to a bird watching hideout which has much information about the local wildlife.

However anchoring here requires a particular technique. The water is pitch black in colour and impossible to see through. The bottom consists of about 5 meters of very fine silt under which is very good holding. The way a local described it to me was this. Lay your anchor and chain out and do nothing except have a beer. Just when you think it is time to go in reverse and dig the anchor in you do nothing except have another beer. By now about 15/20 minutes will have passed. The anchor should have just reached the good holding. If you try and rush this then you will suffer endless frustration as the anchor will not hold at all in the silt. We found this worked well. We watched two yachts try to get their anchors to hold and fail until we rowed across and told them the secret.

This applies all the way west from the pin mark to the entrance of the inlet.

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