Approach to Bayona, Galicia, between the Islotes Las Estelas and the mainland

The RCCPF Pilot Atlantic Spain and Portugal Pilot (page 122) says that the Canal de la Porta (between the Islotes Las Estelas and the mainland) can be used “in settled weather and good visibility”. Despite Laxe o Meixuiero (0·9m) and another shallow patch with a drying rock W of it, its pilotage is quite straightforward in the absence of a heavy swell. From the N, head for a point one-third of the channel’s width from the mainland at waypoint at 42° 09'·00N 008° 51'·13W. This leads E of a 1·6m patch. From there steer 190° for waypoint at 42° 08'·85N 008° 51'·16W to clear Laxe o Meixuiero, and from this waypoint head SE in clear water into the Ensenada de Bayona. Least depth on this track is about 3m at LAT.
The advice in Reed’s to stay close to the island the whole way through is risky since it seems not to recognize the drying rock W of the 1·6m patch.

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