Turkey, south coast

Re Heikell/Imray Turkish Waters & Cyprus Pilot 9th Edition - Ch IV and V.
in 2017 I cruised between Datca and Kas in May/June and September/October. I saw nothing of navigational significance to update Heikell’s pilot. Pump out facilities are now easy to find in the Gocek/Fethiye area and are available at the major marinas. Sea water quality remains excellent. Near Gocek, there are minor changes to shoreside facilities and anyone cruising Scopea Limani might wish to be aware that some of the red mooring buoys have vanished and Ruin Bay facilities were removed entirely; the old pontoons at Wall Bay are now
in use in 22 Fathom Cove whilst Wall Bay itself - with its two good jetties has had a major makeover for 2017 and is reported to be very expensive. However, a trickle past of Market
boats (plus daily availability of pump-out and rubbish boats) means yachts on buoys or at anchor can readily resupply for all but fuel and water. Visitor numbers, ashore and afloat, remain severely depressed and the majority of the Gulets appear to be laid up - particularly in Bozburun. The number of foreign flagged boats cruising this Turkish coast remains low; flotillas appear to be a thing of the past. Some of this slack is taken up in Skopea Limani by dozens of white motor cruisers who flood out of Gocek at the weekend. Turkish sailors are also enjoying their coast line to a much greater extent than hitherto while there are plenty of boats available for charter in the major areas such as Orhaniye, Marmaris, Gocek and Fethiye - Gulets are also readily available. This coast of Turkey remains an excellent cruising ground and mobile phone connections and technical support remain excellent.; the people are as friendly as ever, despite an
obvious lack of business.

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