Algeria is the second largest country in Africa and half the size of Europe. 85% of its territory lies in the Sahara Desert and the majority of its population lives in the green and fertile land bordering the Mediterranean. Two mountain ranges run parallel to the coast: the Tell Atlas which is a continuation of the Moroccan Middle Atlas and the Sahara Atlas which marks the transition into desert, This inland topography influences the costal weather. The often steady easterlies make the Algerian coast a logical route for westbound yachts, though, it is unwise to stop along the coast without first having obtained a visa.

The long Algerian coastline stretches for 570M from Morocco in the west to Tunisia in the east. It has many safe harbours offering protection, along with many commercial ports. Several of the smaller harbours and anchorages are in beautiful quiet settings, though currently many are designated as military zones and off-limits to pleasure yachts. There are no natural harbours along the entire coastline, and only one marina: Sidi Fredj, close to Algiers port.

Although day hopping from port to port is possible, lengthy formalities have to be carried out in every port on entry and departure. Do note that Algeria is a very wealthy country and is not interested in attracting tourists. It is necessary to obtain a visa in advance of arrival.

Despite the fact that a civil war has raged in Algeria for many years, it has never affected the coastal regions and is no longer a problem inland. But check with your embassy for security updates or

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