A tiny, Italian island 45M east of Tunisia and 57M SW of Sicily, Pantelleria is included as a convenient place to stopover for limited provisioning and basic repairs. The island has two small ports, the main harbour of Pantelleria in the northwest corner and the smaller Porto Scauri on the west coast, which offers shelter from the northwesterly gales. Space however is limited. Due to the island’s volcanic origin, the soil is rich and grapes are grown for locally produced wines. There are also hot volcanic springs on the shores of the inland lake to be enjoyed and a natural ‘sauna’ cave in the woods.

A group of 3 small Italian islands included for their close proximity to Tunisia as a rest stop and for limited provisioning.

Lampedusa, the main island, is located half way between Malta and Tunisia and room for visiting yachts may be found in the fishing port on the SW corner of the island. It is flat and low lying with rocky outcrops and small attractive bays, though anchoring has been restricted by the military, who have a base there. There is a small population whose main livelihoods are agriculture, fishing and tourism. Diving is popular. Linosa lies 25 miles to the NW and in contrast to Lampedusa is volcanic in origin, and rises steeply from the seabed. There is a tiny harbour suitable to visit in settled weather, if there is room. A ferry brings many visitors in the summer. Lampione, a tiny low flat rocky islet in the group, is of little significance except for its lighthouse as a landmark.

Be on alert in this region due to the large number of small, unlit boats carrying migrants fleeing North Africa, in the hope of finding a better life in Europe.

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