Notice regarding clearance to Chile

A yacht arriving at Puerto Montt has recently been prosecuted for not giving correct prior notice of arrival to SAG, the Chilean agricultural authorities. They had tried to comply with requirements published on the SAG website.

The relevant rules have been in place since 2014 but this is the first time the editor has heard of their application.

The editor had been in contact with SAG. As a result the website has been modified slightly but the published material and regulations still fail to provide the detail that SAG will require from yachts. The following is the procedure that should be accepted:

Information can be provided by email to the local office at the port of arrival. However they don't normally acknowledge receipt though the onus is on the yacht to ensure that it had been received! They recommend a telephone call to check that the email has been received. I would recommend doing all this prior to departure for Chile especially as they require attachments that most of us would be unable to send from the boat.

At least 48 hours before arrival the following information should be sent to SAG:

Date of arrival (estimated with updates)

Name of vessel

List of all ports visited by the vessel in the preceding 2 years!

Copy of the log book or other documents substantiating the ports visited. (Originals to be presented at clearance.)

If the vessel has visited a country affected by the Asian Gypsy Moth, PGRA in Spanish, an official certificate of inspection and freedom from the moth.

List of provisions

List of live animals and plants on board.

Names of all persons on board and whether they will leave the boat in Chile.

Whether the vessel will need to discharge organic waste upon arrival.

Clearly these rules are intended primarily for commercial vessels with local agents (there is even one that says this all must be done for every port visited while within Chile!). Up until now local officials have been flexible with yachts. SAG is obviously concerned about the nation's biosecurity and intends to take a firmer line. The editor would be very grateful for information on how yachts have experienced them in practice.



I recommend checking these on the website first.


Isla de Pascua and Valparaiso


Puerto Montt

Puerto Williams

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