Tangier - New Tanja Bay Marina

Tangier. For members information. We just spent 5 nights in the new Tangier Bay Marina. The welcome was extraordinary with 3 men to catch our lines. There is a big fuel dock just before the arrival pontoon. The Arrival Pontoon around to the right has nice big cleats but it is higher than normal docks, so fenders up. The office conducts arrival and berthing details and the Customs and Immigration office is adjacent. All the facilities are new. Arrival formalities took approximately half an hour. The new town is to the east as you leave the marina precinct and the Medina Souk Kasbar is to the right for various entrances. We found many spoke good English. Especially the dock staff. Physical security on the docks is lacking as its easy to climb but there are a lot of guards and the public is not allowed down on the waterfront where the boats are docked. We paid €20 per night inclusive. The bathrooms although new have a few design issues but nothing more than many marina bathrooms! The only downside is that the marina is Med mooring and it might be tight when its full but right now there were only 9 yachts and a few power boats. Over 200 berths available. We got a hammerhead so we were happy. Dock water is potable. Taxis are cheap. The marina has several good restaurants and a patisserie along its upstairs waterfront. I have a ubiquity Bullet high gain antenna and was able to receive good internet aboard. We will definitely be going back. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Oh and clearing out, you go to the arrival pontoon and finalize formalities. This took 10 minutes.

Additional note from the author of NA:
It is a huge relief to see from Kris Adams' report that this new marina is finally open for business and providing an excellent and speedy service at check-in and departure when completing formalities.
The location of Tanger at the entrance of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlantic makes this marina the most important in Morocco, serving as a departure point for those heading south as well as those transiting towards Gibraltar and the Mediterranean. Open just in time to welcome the ARC fleet on its way south to the Canaries and across the Atlantic over the next few months and offering unlimited supply of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.
The ancient casbah just outside the port is well preserved and offers a view of Morocco's very ancient past. Several excellent ethnic hotels and restaurants are also within the walls of the ancient city.
Morocco has been making huge strides to open up its market to yachting tourism, the King being a keen water-sportsman and yachtsman himself.


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