Sidi Mechreg

This port is finished now, and it is rarely visited by Yachts. This makes it very pleasant to stay because the locals aren't used to tourists and they really treat you as friends. People invite you to eat at their houses and give you a tour to the mountain etc.

The approach is difficult. When there is a swell of 1 meter of more (from the Nort or West) I would not reccommend to enter this port. The entrance is very narrow and half of it is silted, When there are waves the danger of surfing on the waves and hitting the pier is very real and next to that you will be more likely to hit the bottom. (A catamaran got shipwracked while entering this port in bad wheater, and we almost)

BUT When the sea is calm you should really visit this port, because it is just an amazing place. Approach from the North-West and stay close to the Northern pier. This side is at least 2 meters deep. When you doubt you can call the Garde National on channel 16 or the harbourmaster Mongi Abassi on tel: 98109806

Prices are the same as all fishing ports:
1 TD per meter per day + 2TD per gross Ton per stay on tax

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