Bizerte Marina- port du plaicanse

The new marina in Bizerte is finished. It is huge and very fancy. There is plenty of room for visiting yachts and they are equipped to receive large size pleasure crafts as well.

The marina is situated on the same place as the old one. You find the entrance to the first bassin at 33.274407, 9.883499. Immidiately at your left hand you find the captainerie with the visitorquay in front where you can moor to check in. There is staff available 24 hours, and when this is your port of entry all authorities will come and visit you here. They will point you a berth afterwards.

entry caution: keep well clear of the red entrance light on the outside, because there is a shallow part just south of the red entrance light.

CHARGES for a 12m yacht:

HIGH SEASON (may-October)
Day TD 80.000 (about 22 Euro)
Month TD 1000.000 (about 285 Euro)

Day TD 50.000 (about 14 Euro)
Month TD 1000.000 (about 185 Euro)

electricity, water and showers included for short stays.

water and electricity laid to each berth
Showers and bathrooms at the captainerie, luxurious and clean
Fuel: not yet, it is planned to be build in front of the Captainerie
Wintering is well possible in the water here. there is good guarding 24 hours.
Laundry - in town
wheater forcast - available from reception
Hauling out - not yet possible. maybe in future. (you can do this in the fishingport La Goulette or the commercial port)

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