Sidi Bou Said

addition to the 4th edition:

The entry of the port is still as described. At the moment of our visit there was a sandbank as en extension of the south pier. The waves were breaking till halfway the entrance. But no problems with entering when you follow the description as given in the book. Stay on the north side of the entrance, since the south side is silted.

In the port there are a few places where the quays collapsed. They are clearly visible, or when not marked with little yellow buoys. The quay that is marked as visitors pontoon in the book is collapsed as well, and fell quite a bit away from the original place. Keep well clear of the yellow buoys that mark the parts there.

This may sound as if this port isn't worth a visit, but I don't agree on that. The staff is very helpfull and friendly and they will guide you past the obstacles. The location of this marina is unique. When you cross the road that leads to the port, you find an ancient stepped footpath that leads all the way to the famous town of Sidi Bou Said. And the marina is very near to the ruins of Carthage that are definitely worth a visit!

other changes:
- the shipwrecks that should be at cap Carthage are probably gone, did not see them
- the port is being dredged every 4 years
- they promised to remove the obstacles this summer (2019) and place new floating pontoons
- prices for 12m yacht: high season 83 TD per day, low season 56 TD per day + 10% tax
- call them before you arrive in summer, because they are usually full
- there is free WiFi in the port, especially good at the northern end of the marina.

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