la Goulette

A fishing port that is open for visiting Yachts and has great repair facilities.

The entrance of this port is in the bigger entrance of the Ferry port. Keep an eye on the traffic that is entering or leaving. Further then that no specific caution necessary. In the port you see a marina on the portside, but this is reserved for the army. You can find a place between the fishing boats.

In this port you find 2 ship chandlers and a shop that sells and repairs ship electronics. We had our Raymarine windvane fixed here for 38 euro's instead of the 500,00 Raymarine asked in Italy. We also had some welting to be done which costed next to nothing. There is a mechanic that fixes outboards and engines as well. In the village there is another ship chandler that sells more yacht related parts and INOX.

This place is known for the best fish in the area, so when you want to eat good fish this is the place to be. There is a very cheap train to Tunis, Cartage and Sidi Bou said so it is a good cheap alternative for the Marina's. ..

When you put some effort in showing your respect to the surrounding fishermen you can have a good stay here. They will keep an eye on your boat when you are away for the day, and be careful not to damage is. When you don't know them they can be quite careless about hitting your boat. When bad weather is expected all fishing boats come back to the port, and it is quite full. They are used to just bump into each other when finding their way into the berth, and seem not always to know that yachts are much more sensitive. It is advisable to guard your boat carefully when it gets crowded.

We had a great stay here, ate several times with the fishermen on their boats before they headed out for the night. It was a great experience!

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