Beni Khiar

Beni Khiar is a very lively and friendly fishing port with a good atmosphere. There is always a lot of activity in the port, and there is a small cafe and restaurant on the quay with small tables under palm tree roofs. The people are very friendly, and the female harbour master is really helpfull. During the day the boats run up and down between the fishfarms that are located a few miles from this port. Interestig to see how this industry works.

Be carefull with the depths in the port. They do dredge about every 3 years, and the main channel is good. But not all the pontoons are safe to moor up because they shoal towards the quay. even up to 0.5 meter sometimes. The tip of the first pontoon is the best place. We measured a depth of 3 meter there, and the pirate ship and big fishing boat that use to moor there have a draft of at least 2 meters as well.

We had 1 incident during the night. A drunk men silently sneeked into our boat and slept in the empty bedroom. During the night he started walking trough the boat, so we woke up. He said that he wanted to go to Europe with us. He wasn't aggressive at all, it seemed that he just decided this when he was drunk. And now he became sober a bit, he was a bit ashamed. I don't know if this is just an incident. But maybe good to know. The next day he came back with some treats to apologise...which we found very brave and we appreciated a lot!

For us this was a very good and cheap alternative for the more expensive Hammamet marina. (you pay 1TD a meter per night + some tax)

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