Hammamet Yasmine marina & anchorage

This is a really fancy and well organised marina. This is really comparable with European marinas. But the prices as well ;)

We used this as a port of entry, and it went really smooth and fast. They have plenty of space, and the personnel will even help you to moor with a dingy. Water, electricity, showers, fuel, travel lift, everything you expect from a decent marina is functioning well.

When you are on a budget it is also possible to anchor just south of the harbour entrance. With offshore wind the water is really calm and beautifull. They allow you to put dinghy and bikes in the marina when you want to go on shore. With eastwind the swell gets quite big, so make sure you leave in time. In Winter the anchorage is calm and quiet, but in summer there will be more jetski's and speedboats around I guess.

The location of this port is in a toeristic settlement with hotels and restaurants. It is not very easy to find shops for fresh food here. But there is a little supermarket with bread and canned food just outside the port. And altough everybody will tell you there are no vegetables in this area, you can find them on the crossing with the N1 to Hammamet (about 15 minutes walk)

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