Simpson Strait, Northwest Passage

Victor Wejer reports that the Canadian Coastguard have notified the repositioning of the leading beacons for the Simpson Strait as follows

Notice to Mariners issued on 1 April 2019 dated 15 March 2019. Eta Island in Simpson Str. where two Range Beacons were moved to new locations.
The area where there are tidal rips are present. The most southerly Beacon is a General Purpose Lattice warning mark with Radar Reflector and
doesn't serve as Range Beacon.

Reposition front leading beacon
from 68°32'16.5?N 097°23'45.0?W
to 68°32'16.5?N 097°23'45.1?W
Reposition rear leading beacon
from 68°32'13.5?N 097°23'22.4?W
to 68°32'13.7?N 097°23'22.4?W

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