Madeira, Quinto do Lorde

Page 186. Visitors pontoon not replaced.
Southern breakwater showing serious signs of storm damage (all reinforcing metal exposed) and without new work may suffer serious damage in coming winter storms.
Page 186. Discount of 30% on quite expensive marina charges available to CA and OCC members among others.
Page 187. There is a small but good chandlers run by a Frenchman in the marina.
Marina has very good local contacts with marine engineers and will actively help any sailors in need - sourced and sent out by RIB a mechanical engineer 3.5nm to meet our boat when our starter motor burnt out without charge after we enquired about the availability of an engineer to help us.
Marina office will arrange car hire from the marina at very competitive rates.
Limited shops in marina but the small supermarket provides essentials.
Active dive centre in marina with excellent local dive sites.
Marina users get a 10% discount at the only restaurant in the marina and can use the hotel/resort beach/swimming pool/beach bar.
Marina users can use the hotel/resort shuttle bus to Funchal outbound 1030 return 1700 free of charge.
Good and cheap bus service from service entrance to resort, (E1.80 to Funchal via the airport ... and lots of villages!) which stops at the Continente supermarket in Marchico en route.
Extremely helpful marina staff, RIB normaly meets incomers but does not always answer on channel 9.

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