North Harbour, Clear Island 51deg 26.70N 9deg 30.20W

As at 14.05.19. Norman Kean has just issued an update. New pontoons in place with electricity and water. Facilities in Co-op building adjacent to harbour currently limited; laundry working (coin operated) but toilets and showers still undergoing refurbishment not expected to be working for a few weeks!) Fuel (petrol and diesel) available from Co-op building (refilling of cans). Small shop stocks basic goods; including some frozen foods and limited alcohol. Bird observatory in White Cottage next to Co-op office next to harbour has full visitor facilities from beds, kitchen, showers, toilets AND wi-fi plus excellent local bird information. Pub near harbour on limited opening hours (Thur – Sun) at this time but bar above café next to harbour does open occasionally (normally after 9pm. Dredged harbour has plenty of depth but is tight for manoeuvring especially with any wind over F3 (Whale Watcher’s boat uses inner harbour taking up space. Currently no charge for the pontoon or electricity. Photographs show L shaped pontoon from sea entrance and passage through to inner (drying) harbour, also shown.

Note added by Paul Bryans: See latest update to ICC Directions for information on harbour which states that inner harbour dredged to 2.1m above LAT but the sill at the entrance is only 1.3m above LAT.

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