Puerto de Caleta del Sebo 29 deg 13’.6N 13 deg 30’.09W Sept 2019

P238. The marina office number is changed to central government number - +34 828 181 140.
Marina does now accept visiting yacht, but they must book, in advance, through the government marina website. See below:
Permits for the anchorage and adjacent port (and all Government run marinas) are obtainable from the Canaries Government port website – info@puertocanarios.es but must be booked at least a month in advance, with specific dates and copies of the normal entry ships papers submitted. This process applies for all the government run marinas although some do appear to accept last minute VHF requests for a berth they do not appear to accept telephone requests and the new number for all of them is +34 828 181 140 (a central information number) who will direct callers to the website!
Marina will also accept long term bookings (including 6 months+) with very reasonable rates – Euro 12/night for a 12m yacht with 25% for long term (1 month plus) stays.

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