Cala Cerrada

Correction to details of Cala Cerrada 37° 32.4'N 0018° 09.25'W - 7NM west of Cartagena. (Page 109)

The Mediterranean Spain Pilot's description to use this gem of a bay 'with caution' is over-stated. Yes, the bay is exposed to the south and swell from anywhere with a southerly component may make an extended stay somewhat uncomfortable but the bay is simply stunning, surrounded by imposing mountains and rock formations and its two small beaches are otherwise accessible by land only after a testing 3 hour trek which dissuades all but the most determined. Anchoring is no longer permitted and three permanent moorings have been laid by the National Park authorities. These are first come, first served; and also used by the local dive operators who often visit the bay with their clients for an hour or two during the day to make the most of the crystal clear water and plentiful marine life. Snorkelling is equally rewarding. A tiny aggressive minority of local dive operators may claim that they have reserved one of the pick up buoys but the National Park Wardens confirm they are open to all. Expect more polite operators to request to lie to a painter from your stern but they don't stay long and can be a good source of local information. Each mooring consists of a chain riser held off the seabed by a subsurface buoy and then separately buoyed surface risers and pick up lines - as at October 2019 all in good condition and seemingly well installed and maintained.

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