Puerto Rico, Isla de Culebra

Ensanada Honda, Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico. 180 18’.29N – 650 17’.91W
Editor comment.
As far as I know Customs clearance is done at the airport. I do not think that it is necessary to clear at Puerto Rico, but it might be prudent if there to check. Coming from USVI yachts have been able to clear at airport.

1. Sailors apparently need to clear customs in Culebra (Puerto Rico) if coming from anywhere other than Puerto Rico. No customs seen and was not an issue, but it was mentioned on arrival in Puerto Rico where it was expected. (Apparently, the locals also need to clear customs coming from the USVIs).
2. Channel well marked with most buoys light at night (but not all).
3. Harbour opens up after the narrows (50m) at Dakita Reef with good depth all the way into the main anchorage.
4. Good holding opposite the lifting bridge and the “Dinghy Dock” restaurant.
5. Restaurant recommended; look out for the huge Tarpon cruising alongside the dinghy Dock jetty.
6. There is a small but useful supermarket 100m from the restaurant (turn left on road, cross the X roads and on the right).
7. Wifi at the restaurant.

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