Cayo Obispo, Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Cayo Obispo, Fajardo, Puerto Rico. 180 20’.09N – 650 37’.35W

1. Anchorage to the south of the marina/hotel in 6m; good holding in sand.
2. Sheltered from swell by the reef but not from speed boat wash!
3. The channel is a thoroughfare for trawlers and speed boats of all sizes who appear to want to go as fast as their big engines will let them! Consequently, it can be noisy and bumpy during the day but fortunately, it quietened down after sunset.
4. The local marina is looking very weather beaten with a lot of hurricane damage still evident. It costs US$2 per foot, a price that seems expensive given the absence of any but the most basic shore side facilities.
5. There is a water taxi to the main island ($5 return) but it does not go to the main town rather an isolated jetty with no facilities!
6. The Sun Bay marina opposite on the mainland is also looking quite worn and weather/hurricane affected. It does have a customs post (this was where we learnt we had to clear in!) but not much else and costs US$1.50 per foot (including water, electricity and wifi). They do have some new electricity pillars but the fixed concrete, short pontoons represent a potential hazard should there be surge and the boat toe rail gets trapped under the edges.

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