Muros Galicia

Atlantic Spain and Portugal, 8th Edition, page 61

Notes by Ian Powolny for information on Muros, its marina, anchorages and supporting services - Sept 2019:
The Marina in Muros is well worth a visit. It has now been in full operation for 8 years. Not only is it nestled within beautiful and peaceful surroundings, the friendly and helpful staff continue to report busy seasons. On many occasions, they have had to turn visiting yachts away and ask them to anchor in the bay because the marina has been full. At the time of writing the marina staff speak several languages and between them are fluent in Spanish, English, French and German.

Office opening times are:
15 June to 14 September: 07:00 to 23:00.
15 September to 14 June: 10:00 to 13:00 and 16:00 to 21:00.

Contact the marina on Channel 9, or telephone +34 981 82 76 60 and mobile +34 608 174 395.

Discounts can be applied to rates as set out by Passporte Escale, Transeurope, Pasaporte Marinas, Cruising Association and Irish Cruising Club.

Approach around the west end of both the wave breaker and the fishing boat pontoon just inside the wave breaker, and turn east for the finger pontoons. The end of the wave breaker is off the slip on the east shore of Muros town, marked with a red post and light at its west end (nearest the shore). There are berths for boats from length 6m to 20m and beam of 3m to 6·75m. There are at least 25 berths that can take a 12·45m boat and a 15m yacht should have no problem finding a berth.
There is one security gate with key access. Note that Muros is the local headquarters of Spanish Customs.

Anchorage is in the Ensenada de Muros as shown on the Plan. In several areas the ground is foul with lobster pots and other debris. A tripping line is advisable. Holding is variable. Note that the wind sometimes funnels quite strongly off the surrounding hills.
Those at anchor can use the marina to dinghy ashore, or there are several sets of steps.

The Repsol fuel pump at the west side of the harbour is strictly for use by fishing boats only. The east side Repsol pumps on the quay with pontoon below are for use by leisure craft. Fuel cans can be filled at this pump. The fuel station is closed at weekends. There is an alternative fuel station c. 2km from the mainar.

Additional notes:
We now know the the yard at Muros can carry significant hull repairs! They call on the services of a technician from Portosin. This technician works in both GRP and CopperCoat.
I have also seen the yard man scraping and applying standard anti-fouling paint.
We should never have gone on to the rocks.
I think something we did learn after the event is that the Carraca Grande and I assume the Carrac Chica, both NE of Muros are not accurately surveyed. The unsurveyed areas are shown on the chart but I think the areas of uncertainty are large that charted. I'd suggest that sailors at least 1/2Nm from the northerly shore of these bays and in the centre of the deeper water.

The marina office is in a converted house (blue building opposite security gate) with two lounge areas, and a small kitchen/laundry room including a fridge. An outside sitting area is shielded and fenced off from the public. There are two private outside showers in the garden, as well as a shower inside with a loo, all 24hr access. There is a washing machine and separate tumble drier in the marina building. Washing can also be taken to the local laundrette.

WiFi is available on the pontoons but is weak at the outer edges.

Work and chandlery is geared generally to fishing boats but there are a couple good hardware stores. There is a boat lift and 100-tonne travel lift and some space ashore to over-winter. There is a tidal scrubbing berth at a quay some 600m north of the harbour, on hard sand with about 2·5m at high water springs. It is well sheltered other than from south westerly swell but inspect for debris before use – alternatively the sand in Ensenada de Muros is hard and clean.

The town, with its quaint ruggedness, is well provided with shops of all kinds, banks, hotels, restaurants and pavement cafés. There are excellent eateries by the harbour and the back street restaurants are also worth a visit. There is a good produce market, plus a fishmonger on the quay. There is a Gadis supermarket 100m beyond the office and other supermarkets and a good hardware store will be found near the north end of the town, some distance away from the harbour. A good refrigeration engineer is available in town.

There are also two veterinary surgeries in the town.

There is a free computer for use in the morning at the library. Also WiFi at the Auclan Bar and at number of other café and restaurants in the town. Due to the thickness of the stone walls it is almost always necessary to sit inside to find a wifi signal.

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