Turks and Caicos Islands

Salt Island, Turks and Caicos Islands 210 19’.94N – 710 12’.94W as at 22.03.20

1. Not a port of entry.
2. Depth approaching the slipway and dinghy harbour (protected by a concrete breakwater) is shallower than shown on the chart but does not represent a hazard given the absence of coral heads. Possible to anchor in sand (mixed holding) in 3,5m 100m off the breakwater.
3. The island only has 63 inhabitants (as at 22.03.20) and has suffered extensive damage from various hurricanes which is still not fully repaired. Donkeys out number humans! Consequently, there are very limited facilities on the island.
4. There is a dive centre and bar (with food) at the dinghy/ferry dock.
5. There is a small food shop near the dinghy dock with another small one on the seaward side of the road 1km south (just past the “White House” with a third in the main urban area at the southern end of the salt lakes.
6. There are 2 restaurants and a bar, both within the main urban area at the southern end of the salt lakes.
7. Water is provided by desalination therefore water cans can be refilled from any tap – the dive centre is the logical and easiest place to seek water refills.
8. Whale watchers should transit the west side of the island where, apparently, the whales congregate during their season in the area (ending in April).
9. Golf buggies can be hired but are expensive $85/day); need to ask a local for the point of contact as several locals appear to provide them.

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