Cotton Island, Turks

Cotton Island, Turks. 21deg 25’.63N – 71deg 08’.13W as at 04.04.20

A deceptively long and low island just north of Salt Cay and easily accessed from the west.
1. Anchorage.
a. 3 anchorages marked on chart, all lay off inshore reefs, over sand with good holding in 5m.
b. Shoreline mainly sharp limestone with only a couple of small beaches making landing difficult.
c. Anchorages bouncy in swell from westerlies and northerlies.
2. Ashore.
a. Uninhabited and quite overgrown with not a lot of interest except for some areas where there is a profusion of the Turks Cactus - local emblem.
b. Difficult to penetrate interior.
c. Ospreys seen fishing along its coast.

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