Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos

Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos. 21deg 28’.80N – 71deg 32’.37W as at 31.03.20.

Cockburn Harbour, South Caicos.

Shown as Seaview Marina on their tourist site (Not a marina only fishing harbour – shallow)

Cockburn Harbour is a small dock in the main settlement of Cockburn Harbour on South Caicos. The complex largely serves the island’s small-scale commercial fishing industry yet also supports the occasional cruiser and yacht as well.

1. Port of Entry. Cockburn Harbour is a Port of Entry (although in March 2020 boats were being directed to Grand Turk for clearance (possibly due to coronavirus).
2. Amenities and Services
a. Both gasoline and diesel fuel are available. Pricing is decent and follows local rates at roughly $5 per gallon (2020); on the quay or at adjacent petrol station.
b. Fresh water is also available (delivered by truck – ask at the supermarket).
c. Repair and service facilities are quite limited on South Caicos, and most issues will have to be handled on Providenciales.
3. Entry and Navigation
a. It’s quite simple to navigate into Cockburn Harbour and Seaview Marina from the Columbus Passage side of South Caicos, as water depth is good between Long Cay and Dove Cay. The depth gradually decreases further into the Caicos Banks, and fluctuates between 6-10 feet (2-3m) outside the harbour. Depths at the docks may be as little as 3 feet (1m) inside the quay with approximately 8 feet on the outside of the quay – depth on approach may be less and it is suggested that access at high water for keel boats is best.
b. It’s likewise possible to approach South Caicos from the western Caicos Banks and Providenciales side, yet navigation across the banks may be a little difficult for vessels with much draft due to the shoals and shallows.
c. Call ahead on VHF Channel 16 for advice and details.
4. Anchoring Locations
a. Cockburn Harbour good holding in sand/grass 3-5m.
b. In the lee of Long Cay with a shallow approach (<1.6m).
5. Shopping and Supplies
a. There is a small grocery and general goods store, Seaview Supermarket, offers supplies, food, and cold drinks.

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