South Side Marina, Providenciales Turks and Caiscos Islands

South Side Marina, Providenciales +1 (649) 946-4137 / Ch 16 21deg 45'.468N 72deg 13'.424W as at 11.04.20

1. Port of Entry.
South Side Marina is a small harbour located on the central south coast of Providenciales in the Turtle Tail area. South Side Marina is a port-of-entry.
2. Marina Amenities:
a. Bathrooms; Diesel; Water; Gas (Petrol); Laundry Services; WiFi, Power on pontoon, Ice.
b. This complex is found inland a short distance, with connection to the Caicos Banks by a dredged channel (last 200m only!). The chart depths approaching the marina are not accurate with many areas shallow than shown – eyeball navigation and care are needed.
c. The network of canals in the Cooper Jack Bay and Discovery Bay areas begin here as well.
d. This quiet, relaxed marina owned and run by Bob Pratt – very friendly and helpful.
e. It is a favourite with cruisers, as slip and service rates tend to be a little better than at the larger Providenciales marinas. Slips of varying size, and docking for tenders is available. Slip fees start at $50 per day for daily rates, with discounts for longer periods.
3. Ashore.
a. While the marina is some distance from any supermarkets Bob will provided a taxi service to the large IGA Graceway supermarket on request.
b. Car hire can be arranged with delivery to the marina.
d. On site is South Side Smoke House Bar and Grill that offers an old time Providenciales atmosphere, and is likewise a perfect place to grab a refreshment and watch the sunset.
e. Diving. Two local dive and boat charter companies, Caicos Adventures and Aqua TCI, operate out of South Side Marina, with excursions to the incredible dive sites of Northwest Point, West Caicos, and French Cay.

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