Bernuda - Covid update

From Grahame Rendell, HFR, 30 June 2020.

Bermuda has just entered Phase IV of its Covid-19 Plan and is no longer in an official State of Emergency.

Curfew remains for 2300 to 0500, however. There have been a few unfortunate and serious incidents.
Bermuda's active case numbers have dropped to just two (2) with no social contagion
Flights into Bermuda are resuming by mid-July but on a restricted basis.
Rules for inbound visitors or returning residents are onerous - see link
Arriving vessels need to have pre-clearance before setting off for Bermuda (Safe Haven exception) - see link
Morale is high, food plentiful, unemployment a problem but 'instant' welfare has been organized for Bermudians out of work.
Gatheringsof up to 50 are now allowed - with physical distancing remaining at 2 mts.
In-house dining at restaurants is permitted - but again onerous requirements.
Whereas there are desperate efforts to open up the travel sector of local business, I would not recommend visiting Bermuda for several months. That places the window of opportunity in the middle of the Hurricane season for the North Atlantic. Again, please let me know if you know of any RCC members envisioning visiting Bermuda or a near-pass.

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