Bona Vista, Newfoundland

A modern and superbly well protected mole harbour with good facilities 3.5 miles to the SW of Cape Bonavista. The approaches are better protected than the chart would suggest and we entered in fresh NW winds without any difficulty, although in a SW gale waves were seen breaking over the moles and entry in these conditions would have been marginal. Once inside shelter is excellent and we sat out a 50 knot gale without a trace of swell entering the harbour. 

There are 2 floating pontoons on the LH side after entering the harbour with space at the outer end reserved for pleasure boats with 3-4m depth at LW. The inner pontoon which projects outwards to the north at right angles from the main pontoon has around 2m depth on its outer side,but less over the concrete anchoring blocks and is probably best avoided by deep draught yachts. Electricity and fresh water on the pontoons and showers, launderette in the harbour office building. Fuel by jerry can from one of the nearby petrol stations. The harbour master is incredibly friendly and helpful and may offer you a lift in his truck to refuel and re-provision. There is a ship lift in the southern corner of the harbour. Whilst chocking up a deep fin keel yacht there might be asking too much of local resources, it should be possible to lift and hold in slings to carry out under hull maintenance or repair work.

Several excellent cafes ashore serving home baked cakes and snacks, and a good pub with occasional live music. There is a very good restaurant, immediately opposite the floating pontoons on the other side of the harbour, serving excellent fresh fish, crab and lobster in season. The town has several other cheaper eateries serving predominantly fast food such as burgers, pizzas and fried chicken. There is a convenience store within a couple of minutes walk from the pontoons and a larger supermarket and hardware store just on the edge of town.

The 13 km round trip walk out to Bona Vista light house along the coast path is very scenic and worthwhile. Whilst in town one can visit a replica of Cabot's ship the "Mathew" which is housed in a large shed adjacent to the harbour office.

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