Fogo Harbour, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Entry through the narrow eastern channel between  Fogo Head and Boatswain Island is straightforward in calm weather but probably not advisable to enter/leave by this channel in onshore winds much over 10-15 knots. Once inside there are plenty of anchoring possibilities or go alongside the floating visitors pontoon which lies just to the south of the main crab processing plant wharves in Little Harbour with 3.5m of water at low tide. Caution: early in the season (mid Jun) the buoyage in the harbour was not in place and care is needed to avoid the various shoals in the approach to Little Harbour. 

No facilities on the floating pontoon but a variety of shops ashore including a small bar/ restaurant and a cafe serving excellent breakfasts with a fast free wifi service. Plenty of walking possibilities  out to the surrounding headlands.

If you can obtain a lift from a local then the 15 km trip out to the Fogo Inn is very worthwhile diversion. Rated as one of Canada's best and most exclusive hotels, and with rooms starting at $1,500 per person per night, it is not the sort of place that offers showers to visiting yachtsmen, nor does it overtly encourage walk in customers to their bar. However, if you can charm your way in, then a gin and tonic or cocktail in the bar is an unforgettable experience, and for those with deeper pockets a meal in the restaurant looked as if it would be equally memorable.

In theory it would be possible to access the Inn by yacht and lie alongside the floating wharf on the south side of Joe Batts Arm. However, the Arm is poorly charted, littered with rocks, sparingly buoyed , very open to the north and we were advised by a local fisherman not to try and enter it. Perhaps not surprisingly given its remote location and exclusivity, many of the hotel's guests arrive by helicopter from Gander.

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