Bayfield, Lake Superior

Both the main tourist hub for the Apostle Islands Region and a very popular yachting centre, Bayfield is a busy and bustling town in the sumer season. Even if you come across no other yachts whilst sailing in Lake Superior you will see plety of them in the waters surrounding Bayfield.

There are 2 mooring options in Bayfield. Apostle Islands Marina is a full service marina which lies at the southern end of the southerly basin of the harbour and has a large number of deep water floating pontoons, although pre booking may be necessary inthe high season and around regatta times.

Alternatively the northern of the 2 basins has deep water visitor berths alongside its southern concrete harbour wall which separates the northern and southern basins. These berths are run by the town council and seem to operate on a first come first served basis. There is electricity on the wall but no other facilities. Payment is on an honesty basis - just leave your fee in the box provided at the base of the pier. The southern side of the wall separating the 2 basins has a number of box moorings used by local yachts and a number of the charter boats operating in the region and should not be used without prior permission.

If no space is available in Bayfield then there are 4 or 5 ohter marinas withing 5 miles or so that may have space although some of these are only suitable for shallow draft boats. The nearest anchorage is in Raspberry Bay approximately 8 miles to the north.

Ashore the focus is on serving the Apostle Islands tourist industry so there is no shortage of bars restaurants, cafes and galleries, most of which are very lively in the season. However, the town is less well suited for major reprovisioning.

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