Port Huron, Lake Huron

Lying at the head of the St Clair River just as it flows out from Lake Huron, Port Huron will be a port of call for most people yachts transiting to and from Lake Huron.

The lifitng bridge at the entrance to the harbour is now permanently open and the Port Huron yacht club basin lies on the north side of the river just after passing through this first bridge. This extremly friendly and active yacht club has a number of places for visiting yachts on the outer (river) side wall to its basin. Alternatively there are a small number of berths on the opposite side of the river by the Desmond Marine Fuel pontoon. If both of these are full then you will need to head further up river through a couple more lifting bridges where there are a number of other marinas.

The town of Port Huron is being rejuvenated and has some interesting shops and places to eat. There are a couple of convenience stores, but the nearest supermarket for provisioning is some distance out of town and a car is needed.

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