Neddy Harbour, W Newfoundland

Lying just to the north of the small peninsula on which Norris Cove is located, Neddy Harbour is a perfectly sheltered natural anchorage offering good protection from just about any wind direction. It appears to be largely immune from the wind funnelling that afflicts other places in the Bonne Bay Area. 

Scattered around the harbour shore are a number of small private wharves and docks intended for small fishing and motor boats. None of them appear suitable for a yacht to come alongside with the possible exception of one brand new and more substantial wharf on the northern shore. It carried a sign saying "Reserved for Coastguard use" but we saw no evidence of any coastguard activity on it, only a single unoccupied  palatial sports fishing boat. 

There are a small handful of private moorings in the most sheltered part of the harbour, but nonetheless enough space remaining in the rest of the bay to allow a small fleet of yachts to anchor. The locals report that this is the most sheltered spot in the Bonne Bay Area to sit out a blow if conditions make the wharves at Woody Point and Norris Cove untenable. There is a strong 3G Mobile signal in the harbour but no other facilities other than those described for nearby Norris Cove.

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