Quebec City

There are a number of marinas on the approaches to Quebec city, both upriver and downriver, but if you want to spend a day or to sightseeing in this wonderful city then you cannot find a better place than the Marina de Port de Quebec which is located in right in the heart of the old port and within a couple of minutes walking distance from Vieux Quebec and all the main tourist attractions.

A lock separates the inner marina basin from the outer basin but it is usually kept open for a few hours either side of HW, when it is possible to motor straight in or out once you have got a grreen light from the lockeeper (Channel 71). The lock does not operate overnight but if arriving outside of opening hours there is a waiting pontoon just to the north of the lock gates where you can tie up for the night.

The marina facilities are outstanding in a modern purpose built building and include a swimming pool and barbecue area. There is a chandler within 100 metres of the marina, and if other marine engineering support is required they can ususally arrange something for you.

The artisan food market on the opposite side of the basin is a fantastic place to stock up on meats, cheeses, vegetables and other delicasies , whilst there is a good quality supermarket within easy walking distance fo he marina , although you may want to get a taxi for the journey back if you are restocking for a significant period.

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