Like Quebec, there is no shortage of marinas in the outer aporoaches to Montreal, but if you draw more than 2.0m then the only marinas you will be able to comfortably get into are the Montreal Yacht Club in the Bassin de Horloge and the Port d'escale which is located between Jacques Cartier Wharf and King Edward wharf.

Both of these marinas lie in the Old port of Montreal and whilst they are fantastically placed for sightseeing, only minutes walking distance from the old city centre, they are not easy to approach from seaward in a yacht. The river current consistently flows at 4-5 knots or more in the narrow channel approach between Ile de Montreal and Ile Sainte Helene. Early in the year, after heavy rain, and when the sluices have been opened upriver, the rates can be more than 6 knots and under these conditions it may be impossible for a conventional sailing yacht to get into either of the old port marinas.

The entrance to the Montreal Yacht Club basin is particualrly challenging with the full force of the current sweeping past the narrow entrance and once inside turning room is tight. This is not a marina to enter in a yacht that does not handle well in confined spaces. Port d'escale is much easier to enter with a considerably wider entrance that is clear of the currents. However, it offers less privacy than the Montreal Yacht Club as you will be under the full gaze of the all who throng to what is one of the more popular recreation areas in old Montreal.

The facilities in the Montreal Yacht Club marina are excellent, but neither of the old port marinas sell fuel. Yachts drawing more than 2.0m will have to travel a considerable distance upstream or downstream before finding a fuel berth with sufficient depth of water and this should be taken into account when passage planning. The Montreal Yacht Club may lend you their car so that you can refuel by jerry can from the nearest petrol station which is a couple of km away but you will need to prvide your own jerry cans.

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