Halifax, Nova Scotia - Anchorages

Although a massive natural harbour, Halifax is not blessed with too many places where a yacht can anchor.

Depths are suitable for anchoring in the Northwest Arm, and although almost the entire arm is shown as an anchoring prohibited area on the chart, locals report that:

" the arm is actually a fantastic anchoring place and as long as yachts do not block the centre of the channel all is great. On the west side about half way up is a well protected area (just south of the Dingle Tower and as well closer to the city side just south of Armdale Yacht Club. It is over 25 feet deep as the glaciers did a wonderful job and every year there are typically many dozens of boats anchoring in the Arm. The Arm is a fantastic spot to ride out bad weather as well".

McNabs island appears to be the only other place you can anchor without going a long way inland to the head of the Bedford Cove. We anchored in the cove just to the east of Ives point on the northern end of McNabs Island, far enough offshore to avoid the wrecks closer to the shore, but inshore of the disused submarine cable. Holding was reasonable in 5-6 m of water and it was reasonably well protected from ocean swells and the wash from harbour traffic. 

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