Anse St Pancrace, North Quebec

Little more than a 100m wide notch in the surrounding cliffs, and flanked by near vertical 250m high cliffs and cascading waterfalls on all sides, Anse Saint Pancrace is one of the most spectacular stops on this stretch of the coast.  Depths in the mini fjord are way too deep for anchoring, but the Club Nautique de Baie Comeau maintain a long deep water wooden floating pontoon system at the head of the fjord with enough space for 4 or 5 yachts on either side.

There are no facilities ashore other than a few small picnic tables and some  smooth rock basins at the feet of the waterfalls on which to relax and sunbathe.

Earlier editions of the guide to the area talk about open air hot tubs, a bakery nearby selling wonderful freshly baked blueberry muffins, and paths leading up to  various look up points on the cliffs. We saw no evidence of any of these, other than what appeared to be a rather overgrown route with a handful of fixed ropes and some rusty ladders leading upwards. To get up it would have been a major exercise in rock climbing and bush wacking, and almost certainly dangerous without a machete and climbing gear. However this just adds to the attraction of the place because access by anything other than boat must be close to impossible - this is a place to simply enjoy nature in the raw!

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