Mutton Bay - North Quebec

A small and isolated fishing community on the lower north Quebec shore. The entrance is straightforward  and well sheltered from the prevailing south westerlies by the islands flanking the approaches. Once Ile Entrance is abeam the seas flatten out and then there are leading marks/lights to guide you into the inner anchorage which lies just to the northwest of Ile Mitchell. 

Once inside you are perfectly sheltered from all directions with plenty of swinging room and excellent holding in sand. The most suitable depths for anchoring are to be found on the western side of the bay, just to the SE of the small breakwater that lies at the foot of the front leading mark. The water is crystal clear here and the bottom can clearly be seen down to around 10m. 

The inner parts of the bay are only partially charted. There is a small public wharf located in a small inlet on the NE side of the inner harbour with enough space for one vessel on either side. The approaches to the inlet  appear to have about 3-4 m at LW but the entrance  is very constrained with little turning room once inside. You would only want to enter this with a yacht that handled well going astern as once inside backing out would be your only option. We also found the inner harbour to be heavily infested with biting black flies and the anchorage was an altogether more comfortable prospect.  

It may also be possible to anchor in Anse Gallion, a snug little cove which lies  just to the SW of the entrance to the main harbour. There is just about enough room for one yacht to anchor but swinging room may be constrained by fixed fishing nets running from the shore out towards the centre of the cove.

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