Sept Iles Anchorages, North Quebec

The 7 islands that guard the  entrance to Sept Iles Bay offer a variety of anchorages in wild attractive wooded surroundings, a world apart from  the functional commercial harbour that lies only a few miles away in the bay itself. 

They are popular with local sailors from Sept Iles, but in  our limited experience  we would probably only classify them as daytime or settled weather anchorages. They all appear to be exposed to swell from one direction or another and none offers all round protection.

Whilst not lit, there is no reason from a navigational perspective why a yacht with radar and/or a GPS plotter could not safely enter them after dark, other than the fact that unlit fishing nets and buoys are to be found in some of these anchorages. 

Anyone with sufficient time on their hands to spend a leisurely couple of days exploring the Sept Iles archipelago may find it beneficial to call in at the local yacht club first and seek local advice. We didn't, arriving after dark and just relying on our charts and intuition to find a suitable anchorage for the night after a long passage - it didn't take us very long to realise we had made a mistake and that if we wanted a safe and peaceful nights sleep we  had better go the extra 5 miles into the harbour proper!!

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