Review of Ocean Sailing

Review of Ocean Sailing

Review by John Franklin

John Franklin, Past Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club has reviewed this new Pilotage Foundation book

'This book is a very practical guide to long distance ocean sailing, compiled by a very accomplished and experienced practitioner and aimed at the would-be ocean sailor. It is not a “how to do it” manual, more a compendium of the most important issues facing the aspiring ocean cruiser illustrated by passages from “those who have done it and how they have done it”.'

'It is only when you read this book that you realise the full extent of the myriad questions and potential problems facing the aspiring ocean sailor, ones that those of us who have “done it” have either forgotten about or take them in our stride. However, the author comprehensively runs through the whole process from “where to go” and “when to go”, right through the process of choosing a boat and its major equipment and financing the trip, to communications, weather information, maintenance, medical care, disaster management and even the re-entry process after the trip is over.'

'an excellent book and should be on the shelves of every aspiring ocean cruiser and perhaps also some already on their way!'

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