Pacific Crossing Guide reviews from two continents

Pacific Crossing Guide reviews from two continents

The new 3rd edition of the Pacific Crossing Guide has been reviewed by Katherine and Peter Ingram in the RCC Newsletter and in 48 North magazine from Seattle

Their review of the new Pilotage Foundation Pacific Crossing Guide by Kitty Van Hagen concludes

"Anybody, planning an imminent voyage to any part of the Pacific will benefit hugely from having a copy of this book with them but, equally, it is a must have for anyone planning and dreaming of an adventure in the future!"

And the review in 48 North (on Page 18 of the December 2016 edition) is equally enthusiastic

"Written under the watchful eye of the Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation, the Pacific Crossing Guide is the definitive word on the best routes and seasons to tackle this ultimate sailing challenge."