2019 New Year Message from the RCC Pilotage Foundation

2019 New Year Message from the RCC Pilotage Foundation

A summary of recent developments and future plans

2018 has been a busy and productive year for the Pilotage Foundation. We have welcomed Nigel Wollen as our new chairman, replacing David Ridout, as well as Paul Bryans as Trustee. Charles Lambrick steps down after 10+ years as Hon Secretary (and more recently Deputy Chairman) and is replaced by Diana Van der Klugt.

New or revised editions of Imray publications are now on the shelves covering Atlantic France, Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula & N Brittany and Islas Baleares as well as an update to Aleutian Islands & the Alaskan Peninsula to Prince William Sound which is available as a pdf download from the Foundation's website.

During 2018 we also commissioned a considerable number of new editions and titles so that we currently have in process for delivery in 2019 and later years some 12 new publications. While the large part of these are new or revised editions of existing titles, the number also includes cruising guides covering new areas - Germany & Denmark, The Netherlands, South China Sea and a passage guide covering S Africa to the Caribbean -reflecting a further expansion of the Pilotage Foundation's coverage. In addition, we look forward to publication of new titles

Ocean Sailing, authored by Paul Heiney and comprising a consolidation of advice and anecdotes from long distance cruising sailors drawn from members of the Royal Cruising Club, Ocean Cruising Club and Cruising Club of America

Rites of Passage, inspired by the 1980s publication Classic
Passages, comprising a series of anecdotes with pilotage data covering passages in and around the UK, appearing in Yachting Monthly during 2019 and later consolidated into a book to be published by Imray.

As well as our efforts to maintain and develop the accuracy, currency and accessibility of the Foundations publications, all this activity is only possible with the continuing support of our authors, our publishers - Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson and Bloomsbury - the cruising sailors and other contributors to our publications, the media who have helped to keep our activities in the public eye, and the various others who continue to support or work with the Pilotage Foundation.

We especially welcome those authors who are taking on Pilotage Foundation titles for the first time - Kieran Flatt for The Netherlands, Nicholas Hill for Germany & Denmark, Linda Lane Thornton for the Azores section of Atlantic Islands, Chris Hamblin for S Africa to the Caribbean , Marjolein and Hermen de Bruijne covering N Africa, and all of the writers on the Rites of Passage project - and we thank you all for your continuing support and wish you a prosperous and, we hope, enjoyable 2019.

The Management Team at the RCC Pilotage Foundation