The authors of RCC Pilotage Foundation publications are all experienced sailors with extensive knowledge of the areas covered.  As well as the research done in preparation for each title they continue to provide regular updates and corrections which include information and feedback from users of the pilots.  We encourage you to send us your feedback and any other pilotage information to help ensure that we can provide up to date information.

Books and E-Pilots

Graham Adam


Author of the Isles of Scilly

Iles Scilly (French edition) Isles of Scilly Isles of Scilly
David & Susie Baggaley


New authors for Islas Baleares

Islas Baleares (English edition)
David Read Barker


Co-author with Lisa Borre of Black Sea

The Black Sea
Lisa Borre


Lisa has a background in environmental management. In 2005 she and David Barker embarked on an extended cruise in their Tayana 37ft cutter Tayana which took them from US to the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

The Black Sea
Henry Buchanan


Henry has worked for the RCCPF since 2009 and became sole author of Atlantic Spain and Portugal in 2012. He was an Engineer in RN submarines, with holidays spent cruising the coasts between Norway and Gibraltar. After a circuit of the Atlantic islands in 2007/2008 he cruised the Mediterranean for four years before a return to Britain in 2013 via the Atlantic coast.

Atlantic Spain & Portugal Atlantic Spain & Portugal Espagne Portugal (French edition)
Peter Carnegie


Author of Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula and North Brittany

Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula & North Brittany Channel Islands, Cherbourg Peninsula & North Brittany
Nick  Chavasse


Nick learned to sail on the Norfolk Broads aged six, and grew up sailing Wayfarers. He has been cruising for over 30 years in Western Europe and always finds himself back in Brittany. He is a dinghy and cruising instructor and sails a Bowman 40. He spent 20 years in the Army before setting up his own marketing company. He started researching and writing for the Pilotage Foundation in 2015.

Atlantic France
Anne Hammick


Anne started work on her first book for the Pilotage Foundation in 1987. Since then she has written or revised 12 more books and taken the aerial photographs for several others. She has sailed all her life, skippered six of her eight Atlantic passages, and has lived aboard her Rustler 31 for more than 30 years. She is currently Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club.

Atlantic Islands Atlantic Islands Costa Atlantica de Espana y Portugal (Spanish edition) Iles de l'Atlantique (French edition) Islas Canarias y Archipelago de Madeira (Spanish edition)
Paul  Heiney


Author of Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters

Cape Horn and Antarctic Waters Ocean Sailing
Pete Hill


Pete has been a full-time live-aboard bluewater cruiser for all his adult life. He made his first ocean crossing in 1972 and has since sailed more than 200,000 miles, largely in junk rigged yachts built by himself. His latest boat is a modified KD 860 catamaran which he built in 2012 and has cruised across the Atlantic to Brazil, South Africa and on to Australia. He has contributed extensive amounts of pilotage information over the years and written several cruising guides, most recently the Brazil e-pilot.

Argentina Argentina Argentina pdf Cruising Guide to South Orkney Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 1 (EPUB) Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 1 (Kindle) Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 2 (EPUB) Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 2 (Kindle) Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 3 (EPUB) Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 3 (Kindle) Falkland Island Shores Supplement South Atlantic Islands South Georgia 1995 (EPUB ) South Georgia 1995 (pdf) South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula South West Africa
Annie Hill


Annie Hill has been enjoying an almost continuous roving commission since 1975. In this time she has sailed over 150,000 miles, largely on two boats: the junk-rigged, plywood, 34 ft Badger and the gaff-rigged, steel, 35 ft Iron Bark. In this time she has sailed from 73° N to 61° S, has cruised in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and spent a winter aboard in Greenland, frozen in for 7 months. She is now based in New Zealand and is building a new junk rigged boat. She has written two books: Voyaging on a Small Income and Brazil and Beyond, both of which are still in print.

Cruising Guide to South Orkney Falkland Island Shores Supplement South Georgia 1995 (EPUB ) South Georgia 1995 (pdf)
Hilary Keatinge


Hilary ‘grew up’ in Dun Laoghaire harbour and has been living and sailing ever since. Hilary began sailing in a clinker-built pram dinghy and progressed to a Heron; she sailed and team-raced in university Fireflies, then a Flying 15, a GP in Nigeria, an Enterprise in Zimbabwe. She and her husband Bill bought their first cruising boat in Jamaica in 1970 - a Tartan 27, from there they raced and cruised in various craft in Australia and for 11 years in Dutch waters. Their last boat, a much beloved Aphrodite 42, was summer home to them in many parts of the Mediterranean. A teacher, journalist, author of Ijsselmeer Harbours (1989); The Flavour of Holland (1994); also compiler of a history of the Irish Cruising Club 1979-2004; and now co-author of Atlantic Islands.

Atlantic Islands
Judy Lomax


Judy started sailing dinghies in her teens. Between 1989 and 2014, she and her husband David spent 16 summers on their 1985 Beneteau First 345 Cloud Walker (owned from new) sailing in Norway, between the Swedish and the Russian borders and to Svalbard (which they circumnavigated in 2013) and Jan Mayen. Judy continues to sail Norwegian waters each summer, always researching and updating as she goes.

Norway Norway
John Marchment


John Marchment started researching and writing books for the Pilotage Foundation in 1998. By 2004 he had three pilot books in print all under his name; Corsica and Northern Sardinia, Costas del Azahur, Dorada and Brava, and Costas del Sol and Blanca. In 2013 John was awarded the Archie Black prize for services to the Pilotage Foundation. John died suddenly in 2015 and is much missed.

Corsica and North Sardinia (English edition) Corsica et Nord Sardegna (Italian edition) Costas del Azahar, Dorada y Brava (Spanish edition) Costas del Sol y Blanca (Spanish edition) Mediterranean Spain Costas del Azahar, Dorada & Brava
Andy O'Grady


Andrew O'Grady started cruising when 17 and has been a member of the Royal Cruising Club since 1978. He qualified as a doctor and after working in Newfoundland and the Shetland Islands he sailed to New Zealand. He built Balaena for long distance cruises to remote places. More recently he has cruised the Baltic, before returning to Argentina and Chile.

Argentina Argentina Argentina pdf Chile Chile Chile North Chile South South Georgia Guide 2005 (EPUB) South Georgia Guide 2005 (pdf)
Jeremy Parkinson


Jeremy Parkinson has cruised since boyhood as a member of Weymouth Sailing Club when he crewed for three summers aboard a converted Cornish lugger, cruising the North French and Netherlands coasts from Treguier to Amsterdam. He bought his first cruising yacht in 1972, a Pandora 22 in which he cruised the Channel Islands and North Brittany. In 1988 he bought his present yacht, a bright green Contessa 28 Feanor.and since then has cruised nearly all the coasts of Europe and Scandinavia from Bergen in Norway to Göçek in Turkey.

Atlantic France Cote Atlantique (French edition)
Steve Pickard


Steve has been with the Pilotage Foundation since 2009 and has extensive experience of cruising the waters for which he writes since 1976 when he visited both South Biscay and Mediterranean Spain on a winter yacht delivery! More recently he circumnavigated Spain to survey Galicia to the Gironde, a trip that had Gibraltar and Cowes as its most southerly and northerly points.

Costas Del Mediterráneo Español (Spanish edition) Cote Cantabrique (French edition) Mediterranean Spain South Biscay
Kitty Van Hagen


After many years on the offshore race circuit Kitty and her husband left the UK in 1997 to cruise around the world in their 45’ aluminium yacht on which they first crossed the Pacific in 2001. They bought an Oyster 56 in 2007 and continued cruising the Pacific for the next 8 years. Kitty wrote cruising notes for Alaska and British Columbia before taking on the Pacific Crossing Guide.

Pacific Crossing Guide Pacific Crossing Guide Pacific Crossing Guide Pacific Crossing Guide

Baltic Group

Graham and Fay Cattell


Contributors to Baltic Sea and Approaches

The Baltic Sea and Approaches
Miranda  Delmar-Morgan


Contributor to Baltic Sea and Approaches with responsibility for Germany, Poland and Baltic Russia

The Baltic Sea and Approaches
Annette Ridout


Annette was brought up in Denmark and has been sailing for over forty years. With her husband she completed a 9 year circumnavigation on their Swan 47. Recent summers have been spent cruising Scandinavian waters. A regular contributor of pilotage information over the years she is now responsible for the Danish section of The Baltic Sea and its Approaches.

Baltic Sea The Baltic Sea and Approaches
Madeleine Strobel


Madeleine has edited the Finland RCC Foreign Port Information notes since 2012 and is now author of the Finland section of The Baltic Sea and its Approaches. She trained as a teacher and as an artist painter. Since the 1970s, she has sailed extensively with her husband on their yacht in Germany, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Baltic Sea The Baltic Sea and Approaches