Aleutian Islands and the Alaska Peninsula to Prince William Sound

with Cruising Notes from SE Alaska to Vancouver Island

Since the original publication of Phil Hogg and Liz Thompson's guide to much of this area several members of the Royal Cruising Club have submitted their experiences of these waters and these have been compiled by RCCPF as an additional resource which has been expanded and updated to Jan 2019.

This file covers the Aleutian Islands and the Alaska Peninsula to Prince William Sound – plus notes for onwards southerly sailing.

Separate Cruising Notes include reports on routing down through SE Alaska and British Columbia to the Gulf Islands. The Pilotage Foundation is grateful to the RCC for allowing the additional material to be made available to the wider cruising public. In addition to RCC Members’ reports on, around 300 harbours and anchorages, the works include ‘getting there’ experience (including an Addendum which covers trucking a yacht across North America in order to cruise north from the Seattle area to British Columbia) and advice, lists and links to other useful information.

The Royal Cruising Club is most grateful for information that has been received in recent years from its members – most recently from:

Tom & Vicky Jackson 'Sunstone' 2014
Mike and Hilde Gill 'Quicksilver' 2015
Mike and Hilde Gill 'Quicksilver' 2016
Clive Woodman ‘Cosmic Dancer’ 2017
Jo & Giles Winter 'Brother Wind' 2018

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  • Editor: Martin Walker
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  • Edition: 2019
  • Published: 06 Jan 2019
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