Western Australian Cruising Guide

The Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation is extremely grateful to the Fremantle Sailing Club Cruising Section and to the editor Kim Klaka for making available their very comprehensive cruising guide to Western Australia.

The Western Australian Cruising Guide is regarded as the coastal cruising bible for WA, covering the coast from Darwin to Eucla, including the Christmas and Cocos Islands. This book is a definite “must have”, especially for cruising the Kimberley, with over 600 pages, 220 chartlets and many interesting colour photos. The main source of information for this guide is feedback from the hundreds of sailors who have shared their knowledge of this largely unexplored part of the coast.

The 5th edition, now in its fourth update (v5.4), was a major revision of the 4th edition published in 2014. It includes dozens of new diagrams and several hundred new items of information. The first part of the guide covers weather, tides, passage planning, communications, emergency services, marine animals and government departments. The second part contains specific pilotage information on many anchorages, showing suitable spots to anchor, dangers, the amount of protection, tidal information, places of interest, history of the area, and local contact details.

The book is available both as a high definition colour pdf and as an EPUB.
Both versions are free downloads from the Fremantle Sailing Club website https://fsc.com.au/cruising-section/wa-cruising-guide/

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  • Editor: Kim Klaka
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  • Edition: Ver 4.5
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