Aleutian Islands & Alaska

This original guide is based on work by Phil Hogg and Liz Thompson in 2003 and published by them within http:/ With their permission, it was first published by RCCPF - as part of Arctic and Northern Waters; (this is now a separate book and essential reading for cruisers heading north of the Aleutian Islands.) The Aleutian information has now been extended in this guide to include SE Alaska; all plans and photographs are by Phil Hogg and Liz Thompson unless acknowledged individually.


2017 Supplement
The Aleutian Islands and Alaska to Vancouver Island including British Columbia

Since its original publication, several members of the Royal Cruising Club have submitted their experiences of these waters and these have been compiled by RCCPF as an additional resource which has been updated to Jan 2017 by Martin Walker. This is available as a separate download from the website.

  • Edition: 1st 2011
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