RCCPF Argentina provides a cruising guide for yachts covering the coast from the River Plate to Patagonia and beyond. The book originated with Charmain Bibby OCC who offered notes of her 2003 cruise of Argentina to the Pilotage Foundation. This formed the first edition of a web pilot and augmented the earlier hard copy books of the South Atlantic Circuit and Havens and Anchorages published under the Pilotage Foundation. This current edition contains considerably more information, especially in southern Patagonia, and builds upon the original notes with the addition of information gathered by co-ordinating author Andy O’Grady, Ulla Norlander and Pete Hill.

They have written this work to help those who follow in their wake and the Pilotage Foundation is grateful for their selfless contribution and attention to detail; without it, publications of this type could not take place. This new book would not have happened without the initiative and lead authorship of Andy O’Grady.

Magellan’s Strait divides Patagonia from Tierra del Fuego. Sailors considering entering the Strait should refer to Chapter 8 of Andy O’Grady’s book Chile (RCCPF/Imray) but should also be aware of the author’s comments at the start of chapter 6 to this book.

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  • Edition: 2nd 2009
  • Published: 03 Jan 2009
  • ISBN: 0952777134
  • 19.50

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